I strongly believe in the value of ongoing supervision and continue to actively engage in this process as a clinician and therapist. I believe that the journey to understand others is endless and when, as Psychologists and Psychotherapists, we feel that we know all there is to know about people and helping others, our professional time has come to an end.

I strive to engage with my supervisees in collaborative dialogue in which the resolution of questions and challenges is mutually arrived at. I respect the experience and perspective of each clinician/therapist and their expertise in their understanding of their own work and clients.

I am passionate about exploring not only the content of the therapeutic work, but also the process, in which I believe there is the most potential for growth of, not only the client but also, the therapist.


I have supervised Master and Doctorate Psychology students (Psychologists–in-training) for the past five years and have also offered clinical supervision to Psychologists with General Registration who have been seeking ongoing and additional professional supervision. In addition, I have offered supervision to non-Psychologists working in a psychotherapeutic context across Southern Queensland. My supervision has been offered as face-to-face, via telephone and video-conference.

Registration and training

I have completed the Supervision and Training Accreditation Program (STAP) and am a recognised and endorsed Clinical Supervisor with AHPRA.

In addition, I can offer Clinical Supervision to Psychologists who are seeking endorsement with AHPRA as a Clinical Psychologist.